Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I buy directly from Raydoor? Do you have agents/reps/distributors?

Q: What is your lead time?

Q: Where can you ship to?

Q: How long does shipping take?

Q:Does your company offer installation or do I hire an installer myself?

Q: How thick are panels?

Q: How much do the panels weigh?

Q: Are there size limitations?

Q: What are the panel frames made of?

Q: What is the insert layer material (glazing layer)?

Q: Can glass be used as an insert layer?

Q: What is the extent of sound insulation?

Q: How should the doors be cleaned?

Q: Do you have a showroom?

Q: Can RAYDOOR be used for exterior applications?

Q: Where are the doors manufactured?

Q: Is there a warranty on Raydoor products?

Q: Can panels be used in wet areas, such as shower doors, bathtub dividers, etc?

Q: Do you send consultants to job sites?

Q: Can I obtain a sample of your products?

Q: Are Raydoor products ADA compliant?

Q: Are Raydoor products renter friendly?