Event: Art of Division: Art & Design Show

April 20-22

91 Allen Street
New York, NY

You’re invited to see and participate in our first stand alone Art and Design show here in Manhattan on 91 Allen Street NYC, April 20-22. We’ve invited 8 extraordinary artists from varying backgrounds and styles to create original works that redefine the function of art in interior space.

Art Of Division will be sure to educate as well as entertain with a full line up of continuing education seminars in the afternoons by RAYDOOR, LUCITE and HAFELE (rsvp to miket@raydoor.com). Followed by daily open gallery hours leading up to 3 nights of parties hosted by an assortment of amazing DJ’s!

On April 20th, 21st and 22nd our gallery will be open for viewing the original works created for this show by artists: George SEN1 Morillo, Ian Sklarsky, Carter Berg, Max Makewell, Paul Richard, Jo Rich, HEKTAD, and Anthony Artis. Each these artists will be creating original works representing Street, modern, abstract, graphic, photographic and film mediums. Immersed in this art space RAYDOOR will also be hosting CEU education for architects and designers interested in receiving CEU credits on Thursday & Friday, April 20th & 22nd (full schedule below) RSVP to miket@raydoor.com if you’d like to reserve a place. Industry partners HAFELE and LUCITE will be hosting daytime CEUs as well on Lighting and Acrylic for architectural applications.

You will be able to join this conversation with our interactive Art Door Builder launching at our opening on April 20th. There you will be able to upload your own art, browse work by the show artists and see what moving art might look like in your space!

A special feature of the show is the first of a series called Art Transcends Division… A concept born of my years focusing on making beautiful division, it occurred to me that I might move that notion into the social sphere and invite artists from diverse backgrounds to use a transparent rotating canvas as focus for their art as we explore through art and conversation the authentic vs. inauthentic divisions in their lives… the short film will produce a meaningful insight into the artists individual worlds leaving us all more connected and aware of the true threads that bind us.

I am sincerely thankful to all the artists and especially RAYDOOR team for making this one of a kind event possible.

We hope to see you there!

Yours Truly,

Luke Siegel